Marks IGA - Associate Partner - "We support events that are real and authentic to our community".

Steven, Mary, Tricia and Greg Marks   

Marks IGA
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When Jim and Hazel Marks started up their small unassuming grocery shop in Mansfield in 1953 they could never have imagined that over the next 50 years the business would be linked so integrally to the local community. Marks had a staff of three people back then and used to close for lunch! Now there are more than 140 staff and the majority are local with direct connections to various community groups.
Community is the big focus of this supermarket, staff are an important key and they make it a good place to work. This of course rubs off on the customers who use this 'hub' to get connected and find out what's going on.
The strength of the business is in the family connectivity with the community and now the Marks' cousins, Greg and Steve with their wives, Trish and Mary manage the business with the same ideals as the orginal owners.

Marks supermarket supports many local groups and events and believe the High Country Festival is the most significant event in Mansfield.
Strong supporters of the local race club they are passionate about keeping race meetings alive in Mansfield. "If the races stay in Mansfield then all those horse skills are being kept alive. That's important to a town like Mansfield where horses are the cornerstone of what the community believe's important". "Each race meeting creates an event where everyone in the town comes out to meet up with each other. It's a town picnic, it's real and authentic to our lifestyle. We support the Race Club so the community can have it's 'day out'" The Race Meeting on Melbourne Cup day attracts over 5000 people and is an amazing event. This year Horse Couture is part of the race meeting. Horses in Wearable Art, it's new, fresh and edgy. Just what our Mansfield crowd love!

Marks IGA supports Junior Football in Mansfield












The Mansfield Junior Footy Club can expect to benefit from approx $2000 of financial assistance, thanks to a new initiative by Marks IGA Supermarket.
All the money received from recycling bales of cardboard boxes used at the supermarket, worth about $2 per bale, will be handed onto the junior football club.

"It's a great opportunity," junior club president, Greg Hogarth, said. "It's very generous of them, and we're rapt to be the recipients." The money will go towards the purchase of general club items such as drink bottles, footballs and new jumpers.

Marks IGA Supermarket will donate all money they receive for recycling boxes to the Mansfield Junior Football Club. Pictured are Stephen Marks and Greg Hogarth, with George Huxtable, Nathan Purcell, Liam Edwards, Jack Scott, Jamie Carns and Timothy O'Brien.

Story and photo courtesy of the Mansfield Courier

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